Gary Locke - 美国路 中国情

鲁豫有约 2013.06.28 骆家辉夫妇 Gary Locke - 美国路 中国情

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天下女人之: Li Meng

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  1. How can the U.S. legally and morally explain to the rest of humanities the atrocities they have committed against since the end of WW2, and yet still claim to be exceptional and the champion of democracy and freedom of the oppressed when they have been the biggest oppressor either covertly or overtly? The carbon based life forms you Yanks killed were once living beings like you, Mr. Ambassador Gary Locke and everyone else in this world, and they were NOT COLLATERAL damages as so portrayed in the western MSM. Atrocities like rapes, mass murders, torture (oh, enhanced interrogation techniques in the words of GWB and his co-conspirators)committed went unpunished and were swept under the rug and ignored by the western press. Small kids in both Iraq and Afghanistan have been systematically murdered either in their sleep or gathering firewoods by your countrymen on a regular basis and yet crimes like these have gone unreported nor acknowledged. How would you like to be at the receiving end of a so called smart bomb when you and your family are asleep in your bed at night? Or how would you feel to have your small girl or boy killed by the Yanks and compensated with worthless colored paper? What goes around comes around and when the karma is ripe, the grim reaper will come calling. I just hope to live long enough to witness the demise of your demonish country as most of your countrymen are demons.