Timelapse: 香港,不一樣的天堂

Timelapse: Another Heaven. Another Hong Kong 香港,不一樣的天堂
by Francis So

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此 Time Lapse 影片由2014年開始拍攝,以業餘的時間拍攝至今,拍攝地點如下: 大帽山郊野公園、北大嶼山郊野公園及南大嶼山郊野公園

本片以Canon EOS 6D拍攝,沒有用任何電動控制。已授權音樂:"Amore" by Capo Production

Since 2014, Francis So has started to take pictures at Hong Kong's country parks for this time lapse video. The places appearing in the video are as follows, Tai Mo Shan Country Park, Lantau North Country Park and Lantau South Country Park.

This time lapse video is all taken by Canon EOS 6D. No motion control unit is used. Music: "Amore" by Capo Production.

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