Flash Mob in Taipei 101 驚喜合唱

Flash Mob in Taipei 101 驚喜合唱

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A heart warming flash mob chorus performance of popular Taiwanese and Chinese songs in the food court of Taipei 101, Taiwan. The songs performed are:
Green Island Serenade (lv-dao-xiao-ye-qu), Jasmine (mo-li-hua), Spring Breeze (wang-chun-feng) and Mountain is Green (gao-shan-qing).

The motivation of this event is to show the beauty of Taiwan, its songs, places, and people, to the world.

Enjoy it and share with your friends.

Here Is:
The Beauty of China Playlist 中国之美

1 comment:

  1. Very entertaining!
    Ought to be encouraged as a bridge for cultural introduction to the other ethnic communities.
    Means of assimilation for diverse cultural background via the world of music, which is an international language!