Prof. Xi Yin 尹希 - 哈佛最年轻华人教授

走进美国:31岁中国小伙成哈佛最年轻华人教授 (上)

走进美国:31岁中国小伙成哈佛最年轻华人教授 (下)

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尹希,1983年12月出生,1996年考入中国科大少年班,2001年赴哈佛大学攻读物理学博士,并于2006年获得博士学位。 2008年尹希受聘担任哈佛大学物理系副教授。2015年9月晋升哈佛大学物理系教授 。尹希的主要研究领域为弦理论,是被国际物理学界寄予厚望的青年物理学家之一。

String theory, being our best hope for a complete description of quantum gravity and a unified theory of everything, also provides a powerful toolbox along the way for solving problems in seemingly very different subjects, such as strongly coupled quantum field theories, conformal field theory, integrable systems, algebraic geometry, hyperbolic geometry, etc.

Xi Yin's research interest lies in the fundamental aspects of string theory, and what string theory can teach us about other fields in physics and mathematics. Yin's past works involve black holes, supersymmetric bound states in string theory, conformal field theory and gauge theory in three dimensions. His current research focuses on quantum gravity in low dimensions, as well as the holographic duality between gauge theory and string theory. (Source:

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