HKBU Scholars Win Top Prizes

HKBU 浸大專利技術獲國際發明大獎

HKBU Scholars Win Top International Invention Prizes

Announcement by Professor Roland T Chin, President and Vice-Chancellor,

Hong Kong Baptist University

It is with great pleasure that I announce the magnificent results achieved by our HKBU research teams at the 44th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva held in Switzerland from 13 to 17 April. Our teams won the Grand Prix International Invention Award, three Gold Medals and two Special Mention Medals (

Chair Professor Cheah Kok-wai of Physics: His invention “Scratch Proof Thin Film on Glass” won the Grand Prix Award (the event’s top prize), a Gold Medal in the Industrial Processes Category, and a Special Award For The Invention by the Romanian Association for Nonconventional Technologies.

Professor Ken Yung of Biology: His invention “Autologous Neural Stem Cell Harvest” won a Gold Medal in the Surgery Category as well as an “Award for High Scientific and Technological Level of the Invention” by Romania’s Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research and National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation.

Professor Cheung Nai-ho of Physics: His invention “Novel Laser Analytical Technology” won a Gold Medal in the Computer Sciences Category.

This is the first time for HKBU to participate in the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, the world's largest event of its kind. This year, the organisation awarded 45 inventions among the 1,000 presented from 40 countries. The fact that HKBU won the Grand Prix is not only an honour for HKBU but also for Hong Kong.

My most sincere congratulations go to our three professors, their students and the teams, for their painstaking efforts and persistence in these winning projects! Their inventions are impactful and of benefit to society and mankind. I would also like to thank colleagues of the Knowledge Transfer Office, Faculty of Science as well as the relevant departments for the support they have provided to the research teams whose achievements are very meaningful gifts to commemorate the University’s 60th Anniversary.






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