An Invitation to Jeremy Lin

Jeremy, Please Speak at Stuyvesant High School's Graduation!

Jeremy Lin Speaks to Stuyvesant Class of 2012

Hey Jeremy,

PLEASE come to Stuyvesant's Graduation on June 25th at the Palace Theatre in NYC. It took a lot of effort to complete the video and we would absolutely love it if you could show up! As you saw throughout the video, you've been an inspirational figure, not to just basketball fanatics, but students and teachers from all over the spectrum. Putting this video together took an enormous amount of effort so if this video made you smile in any way, shape, or form, come through!! Of course, if you're busy, we'll be extremely disappointed but we understand that you lead a very busy life at the moment.

HOWEVER, if you do wish to speak at our graduation (please do!) then you can contact me (Eric Han) at, or speak directly to our school administration at 212-312-4810. Please take this into consideration! We would only ask you to be there for no more than 2 hours in the morning and you can leave before we finish so that you aren't stampeded by a huge mob of students. You've got a huge fan base at Stuyvesant High School and it would really make our graduation day all the more amazing.

Sorry that some parts are unclear. We had to film during our free periods and lunch periods as well as after school when students were all over the hallways.

Jeremy Lin, could you please come to Stuyvesant?
Speak for our graduation, that'll make us win,
You're an inspiration for these generations of Asians,
But not just us, for every underdog in this nation,
But let's start with something small like our school,
We voted for you, and we want you 'cause you're true,
I think you could really reach us on a personal level,
As we go through the next step of our life, you're our hero,
Lin-sanity's affected us with serious gravity,
We'll feel depravity and agony so please come and be our remedy,
We appreciate everything you've done in the past,
And you continue to rock on, so please speak for the 2012 class

Music Credits: DJ Khaled - All I Do Is Win

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