Old Hong Kong 老香港

Old Hong Kong 老香港

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The playlist contains the following videos:

Changes in Hong Kong 香港今昔
The Little Tiny Place 香港,彈丸之地

Hong Kong Movie Stars 今昔情懷
Hong Kong Movie Stars 六十年代香港绝色女星

Hong Kong Memories 香江歲月
Hong Kong 1946 幾許風雨

Old Hong Kong Theaters 香港戲院
Hong Kong Story 香港故事

This Was Hong Kong 香港舊貌
Kowloon Walled City 寨城今昔

Hong Kong Tea Houses 老香港茶樓
Old Hong Kong 香港那些年

Hong Kong Rock Wonders 奇岩
Hong Kong at Night 香港夜景

Hong Kong Scenes 香江之美
Kai Tak Terminal 香港啟德郵輪碼頭

Hong Kong 1960 六十年代香港
Hong Kong, The Heart of Asia 東方之珠

Hong Kong Story 中環故事
香港1945 HK After WW II

Hong Kong Street Scenes of 70 老香港街景
Old Hong Kong 你還記得嗎?

Old Hong Kong 香港 1947
Childhood Memories 童年印記

Hong Kong 1946 同舟共濟‎
Hong Kong 1945 戰後香港

Glory Days of Old Kai Tak 啟德風采

The Beauty of China 中国之美

Old Hong Kong 老香港

Northern Europe 威爾士-挪威-冰島

Flower and Bird 花,鳥

Switzerland 巴塞爾-琉森-蘇黎世


  1. As a loyal viewer, I don't get your TVB Jade 6:30 News 六點半新聞報道 for 5 days now. Are you vacationing?

    1. Thank you for letting me know. The news is on. Enjoy and have fun.

  2. The Daily News service has been discontinued. Please enjoy RTHK Newsweek 時事摘錄 for the time being.