Celine Tam 香港 小巨肺 - 谭芷昀

香港"小巨肺" 谭芷昀 中國新聲代 You Raise Me Up - Celine Tam 

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Celine Tam 小巨肺 谭芷昀 父女对唱

香港"小巨肺 - 譚芷昀 Celine Tam

中國新聲代第二季7月5日 - You Raise Me Up

原來背後有高人, 這是她的爸爸, 從3歲開始跟隨爸爸,學習唱歌, 高人爸爸的特別指揮風格, 站在汪东城, 尚雯婕, 茜拉Shila前面带领Celine 唱出美丽的歌"You Raise Me Up". 讓所有觀眾驚喜。主持人說:在中國以前從來沒見過這指揮風格.

The expert behind, this is Celine' Daddy, she follows her father and learns singing since 3 years old, especially his directing style, standing in front of 汪东城, 尚雯婕, and Shila to lead Celine singing the beautiful song "You Raise Me Up ". Surprised all audiences. MC said: This "Director" style never seen before in China.

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